Terms & conditions

  1.  Commissions are accepted on the understanding that all invoices are payable net within a term of 30 days. Failure to pay within 30 days will incur interest at the rate of 2.5% over HSBC Bank base rate.
  2. Our standard practice is to invoice stage payments on all projects valued at or above one thousand pounds sterling. With projects valued at or above one thousand pounds sterling that are projected to be completed with 12 weeks of commission, fees are payable 50% on commissioning and 50% on completion, unless otherwise stated within our proposals. For projects with a longer schedule than this fees are payable 50% on commission with the remaining 50% spread at equal intervals across the project period. These periods are to be agreed on commissioning. Projects valued below one thousand pounds sterling are invoiced 100% on commission.
  3.  All fees are quoted exclusive of VAT.
  4. Statements are issued on specific request only.
  5. The fees and costs quoted in this proposal are based on current cost estimates, and will hold good for sixty days from the date of the proposal. If the project is commissioned later than that, the fees and costs proposed may be subject to revision.
  6. Any adjustments to the fee for the project (discounts or supplementary charges) will be incorporated in the final invoice. We reserve the right to review our fees in the light of operating costs or exchange rate fluctuations and to adjust them accordingly. In the event of any change being requested, at least 30 days’ notice will be given to the customer.
  7. In the event of a project being cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged based on costs incurred and executive time spent on setting up and administration.
  8. Vitreous World Limited will use its best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of all figures, reports, tables and other material delivered under this contract and will use all reasonable skill and judgement, provided that in the event of any error, omission, misjudgement or other non-performance or default on its part and subject to the responsibilities given in the following paragraph hereof, the liability of Vitreous World Limited to the customer shall be limited to the correction and completion of the research hereby undertaken.
  9. Vitreous World Limited shall not be held responsible for non-performance in whole or in part of their its obligations nor be under any liability to the customer if such non-performance is due to Acts of God, war, insurrection, Government regulations, labour disputes or any other cause beyond the control of the Company.
  10. The distribution to third parties (e.g. by publication or in recorded interview) of results from research conducted by Vitreous World Limited must be agreed with Vitreous World Limited prior to distribution.
  11. If the customer provides lists from data bases owned by them, for use in a market research project, that customer must be registered with the Data Protection Registrar as a holder of data bases for market research use.
  12. Acceptance of proposal and commissioning of a study will be taken as acceptance of all of these terms of business